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Why TypeScript is Better Than Using JavaScript ?

TypeScript is That language Which is build on JavaScript by adding static type definitions. This enables IDEs to provide better code completion and error checking than they can for JavaScript. TypeScript also compiles down to clean, readable JavaScript. Finally, the AngularJS framework – one of the most popular frameworks for building web applications – uses TypeScript extensively. So learning TypeScript will make you a more well-rounded developer and better equipped to build large-scale web applications. In this post, we’ll look at some of the reasons why TypeScript is superior to JavaScript and why it’s worth your time to learn.

TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript.

TypeScript is an open-source programming language created and maintained by Microsoft that adds optional static type-checking to the JavaScript language. TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript, meaning that any valid JavaScript program is also a TypeScript program. TypeScript offers many benefits over regular JavaScript programs, including improved readability and the ability to use features like ‘classes’, types, and modules easily – features not available in plain JavaScript. TypeScript also enables developers to maintain large codebases, quickly find and fix errors, and interact with existing JavaScript libraries, as TypeScript compiles to plain JavaScript. This makes TypeScript an extremely useful tool for web development, allowing developers to write more robust applications quickly and efficiently.

TypeScript is designed for the Purpose of development of large Scale applications and transcompiles to JavaScript.

TypeScript is a programming language that empowers developers to create and maintain large scale applications by providing extra features that are not available in JavaScript. TypeScript serves as a strict syntactical superset of JavaScript and adds optional static typing to the language, which allows for type-checking at compile time. TypeScript also provides tooling support such as auto completion and code refactorings, thus making development easier and faster. TypeScript compiles down to JavaScript, so apps written in TypeScript can be executed on any platform that supports JavaScript execution. TypeScript has become an invaluable asset for many developers because it provides a powerful way to create complex applications without sacrificing readability or scalability.

TypeScript adds common features such as classes, modules, interfaces, Generics etc.

TypeScript is a programming language designed to be a superset of JavaScript. TypeScript adds features that allow developers to write more powerful and expressive code by incorporating common features such as classes, modules, interfaces, Generics and more. TypeScript introduces types for improved readability, helps resolve common issues even before it is compiled and allows for debugging easier code with better visibility into errors. TypeScript also encourages better coding practices by allowing developers to create object-oriented projects on the front end with less time dedicated to debugging and maintenance – making TypeScript a great choice for web development projects.

TypeScript provides better error checking and autocompletion in IDEs than JavaScript.

TypeScript is a powerful programming language that helps developers eliminate common errors when coding through its improved static type system, as well as providing superior autocompletion in IDEs compared to plain JavaScript. Prior to TypeScript, JavaScript was missing the capabilities and features of traditional compiled languages like Java or C#, which TypeScript now provides. In addition TypeScript can detect syntax, structure and type-based errors before run-time, allowing for better debugging and code comprehension. TypeScript allows significant improvements when using popular IDEs and frameworks such as Visual Studio Code thanks to rich IntelliSense and syntax highlighting. All in all TypeScript is an incredibly useful tool for developers looking for more reliable coding experiences without sacrificing connectivity with existing JavaScript libraries.

TypeScript code can be run on any browser or any host like NodeJS without any changes whereas JS needs Babel for compatibility across browsers & hosts .

TypeScript is a powerful scripting language that can be applied to build large and complex applications. Unlike vanilla JavaScript, TypeScript code is compatible across multiple browsers and hosts, from Chrome to Safari to NodeJS, without needing any changes or Babel. This superior ability makes TypeScript ideal for building more dynamic and versatile applications that require richer functionality than than traditional JavaScript-based programs provide. TypeScript is the answer for developers who need resiliency in their coding and are looking for greater reliability and control over the design of their projects.

The community support for TypeScript is much better than that for JavaScript

TypeScript has seen an incredible surge in popularity over the past few years. Its open-source development and increasing cloud integration capabilities have attracted a great deal of attention. TypeScript’s third-party group of developers, reviewers and sponsors has helped to grow a thriving TypeScript community around the language. This community provides favorable reviews, detailed tutorials, helpful documentation, and excellent support for TypeScript users. On the other hand, JavaScript lacks this kind of unified TypeScript community support. While many developers still love JavaScript for its flexibility and diverse use cases, TypeScript’s growing development culture is seeing larger numbers of people turning away from JavaScript towards an actively maintained TypeScript codebase.


TypeScript is a language that builds upon JavaScript by adding extra features such as type checking and autocompletion. These features allow for large-scale development projects with fewer errors. In addition, the community support for TypeScript is better than that of JavaScript, making it easier to find help when needed. If you’re looking for a typed superset of JavaScript, then TypeScript might be the language for you!

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